The expo show had ended so it was over to the Wanchai show again. Started the day looking for some earring findings again. You’ll be surprised how hard it is to find reasonably priced gold earrings that look good and are comfortable to wear. I’ve always hated those razor thin wires that cuts into the ear holes and so took some time to look for suitable ones for some candy drops.  

And then I went to set some of the loose pearls from my personal collection and was terribly tempted by the idea of customizing some earring jackets for my studs. Thought it was a bit too bling bling if you know what I mean but I may go for a more simple design next time.

Then it was time again for wondering the exhibition halls looking for my ‘heirloom’ piece and also to gawk at the amazing jewellery on display. Most booths don’t allow photography but since I know that you would love to see them here are some sneak pics:

Conch pearls are so pretty!

I’ll take the jade bangles in the second row, extreme right please…

Yes, tiaras are for sale too! 

And that’s it for the show. It ends on Monday but I’m off to a vendor’s office before rushing for my flight so no time to visit the show again. 

Now to figure out how to sell the beautiful pearls that I got this trip…

For those of you who have enquired about purchasing my pearls, thank you for your support and patience. I do need a bit more time to work out the website, set the pearls, and other logistics (even the bank account hasn’t been set up!) but I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.