Back to the Asiaworld Expo as I needed to fill a wish list item. This beautiful drop will go to a fellow pearl lover soon:

It’s got that mix of excellent luster, beautiful overtones, minimal blemishes and perfect shape (perfect drops are SO rare!!) that makes it one of those special pearls. 

And then I hunted for a matching bail for the drop before picking up a few stuff like the pastel rope that I couldn’t stop thinking about, and then looked at some intense purple pairs:

Intense purples in smaller sizes (10-12mm) are super rare and really hard to find! One vendor was sold out when I went back and when I finally managed to persuade another vendor to let me pick some from a bag only  a few matched pairs out of hundreds of pearls were of passable quality. The intense purples are so rare each of the bigger freshwater sellers would only have one or two small bags of loose pearls. 

I think I’m obsessed with them because I cannot wear the usual pale lavender freshwater pearls…

Then since I was done I went to gawk at some of the super expensive Edisons and other rare pearls. Guess which strand costs $40,000 wholesale? 

And my favorite melo melo pearls:

One more day at the Wanchai show and then I’m headed home. 

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