Quiet day pearl wise as I went to the other show located in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre at Wanchai today to get some findings and other boring stuff (busts for photo taking, etc). Nevertheless saw some pearls there and I ended up with some beauties that I couldn’t walk away from…

An amazing faceted pistachio ring:

And a stunning mismatched pair of studs with detachable dangles (the luster on the whites!):

And then it was hours of walking up and down the halls gawking at various fabulous jewellery.  Unfortunately no photos allowed at most booths so couldn’t take any for you folks. 

Ended the day with dinner with the wonderful people from Pearl-Guide forum. Yummy Peking ducks! Thank you Jeremy! 

Will be back to the Asiaworld Expo tomorrow for more pearls since I still haven’t found some wish list items. Stay tuned!