Continued where I left off yesterday to admire the beautiful golden drop and giant blue baroque ssp drop and this little golden oval caught my eye. Pricing wasn’t as daunting so back it goes with me.

Strolled around the freshwater pearl area in the morning to get a feel of what is available.  The Edisons and some stunning ripples caught my eye but I wasn’t quite in the mood to buy since I was still deciding if I should get the tahitians I saw yesterday. Answer was no but then this beauty caught my eye and it was a no brainer once I tried it on:

Next it was back to the fwp area and I couldn’t resist these colourful drops. Picked the best from the available pearls, then looked at simple studs before spending the next hour sorting through stars and flowers for my kids (hey, gotta start them young right?). 

Actually the photo above shows how incredibly hard it is to take decent pictures when the lighting in the booth looks ‘flickery’ in the (phone) camera. Do you see a dark band in the middle of the pic?

I wanted nice white freshwater drops but quite a few booths didn’t allow cherry picking from the strips. Finally found one that let me choose the pairs I wanted and am quite happy with these – selected for their beautiful drop shapes and luster.

And then back to Edisons. After being stunned by the prices for some of the strands, finally found two that I liked. Really stunning and am considering to get more strands else I probably will never sell anything if I don’t since my hoarder instinct is so strong.

Yup the purples passed my Asian skin test:

Looked for matching studs and ended up with a few more that I couldn’t resist. In my defence they all look good against my Asian skin…


My first time matching up pairs from loose pearls and I felt so ‘grown up’ lol. Ok it wasn’t as daunting as I thought it would be. Probably sorting through a few thousand stars and flowers helped to boost my confidence. Along the way I was looking for some wish list pearls but unfortunately no luck today so the hunt continues.

Ended the day with some simple settings. You know you got some beautiful pearls when other customers and the sales people admire your pearls… #truestory

But didn’t manage to find anything suitable for drop earrings and will have to search for them from the Wanchai exhibition tomorrow.