2017 Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem and Pearl Show is a mouthful so I’ll just call it the March show. 

First impressions? It’s HUGE. Not like I haven’t been to other shows before but this one is really big. The pearl vendors occupy one entire hall and after walking all day I’ve only covered about half the hall. 

Ok on with the pics. Pics are my favourite part of the blog updates and I’m guessing the same for you as well. 

Went to a vendor to look at tahitians and found some harvest strands. Reserved the best of them and will be back to decide if I want to stock them for my new venture (I already have two ropes so shouldn’t get more for myself…). 

Then I was off to another regular vendor to look at tahitians and again reserved some to look again tomorrow. Momentarily distracted by some natural blue akoyas… But wasn’t on my wish list and I had other priorities. And then I found these two intense golden south sea pearls…


I know, so much beauty but I can’t afford them… so on to a stunning pair of white south sea pearl drops, a mismatched pair of gold and white ssp buttons that I couldn’t pass up as they have gorgeous luster and a blue-green single. 

And then more goldens. A kinda wonky GSSP strand but with the most beautiful luster and color. 

Some other beautiful loose pearls spotted that I dearly wished I had the budget for. The blue south sea pearl drop is 19 mm and has the most gorgeous luster. I think the round super green tahitian is almost 16 mm and of course the two gssps are beautiful in their own way – one for the overtones and the other for its beautiful elegant drop shape:

I also found some really beautifully intense peacock strands and along with a blue strand that I really like. Gonna revisit these tomorrow:

And a peacock rope that you may have seen on my instagram…

And then on to some freshwater pearls.. 

Ok that’s all for today. Of to bed after a fruitful day.